The new Miss USA is Rima Fakih of Michigan !

Up-comming national pageants for 2010/2011, part III

18. dubna 2010 v 17:37 | Martina A. |  National pageants

Inside you can learn more about the up-comming national pageants for 2010, including Pantaloons Femina Miss India, Miss USA or Miss Universe Canada...




The new Miss Bulgaria will be crowned on April 25th and will represent the country at Miss World 2010 later this year. First runner-up goes to Miss Universe. Meet the contestants.

Source: Miss Bulgaria




Miss Philippines Earth 2010 final will be held in Manila on April 25th. The winner will try to continue her country´s successful strike at the Miss Earth 2010 pageant.

Source: OPMB




On April 28th Miss Martinique 2010 pageant takes place. 20 candidates are competing for the crown. The winners will represent the island at Miss World, Miss Tourism Queen Int´l, Miss International and Miss Earth pageants, respectively.

Pictured from L-R: Claudia, Christine and Tania

alisha pkha

manashvi mamgai

neha hinge

nicole faria

On April 30th the new Pantaloons Femina Miss India will be crowned in a ceremony held at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Mumbai. 18 stunning delegates are competing for three main titles of FMI World, FMI International and FMI Earth.

Pictured from L-R: Alisha Pekha, Manasvi Mamgai (Miss Tourism Int. 2008), Neha Hinge and Nicole Faria

great britain
great britain
great britain

On May 2nd, the British representative to Miss Universe will be chosen. 50 delegates from all over the country are competing for the 2010 Miss Universe Great Britain title.

Source: Miss Universe GB
Pictured from L-R: Claire-Louise Catterall, Jamey Bowers and Reena Patel




Miss Bahamas 2010 will be chosen on May 9th and will represent Bahamas at Miss Universe and Miss World 2010 pageants. Runner-ups will be sent to Miss Tourism Queen Int´l and Miss Earth. Meet 21 delegates.
Source: Miss Bahamas
Pictured from L-R: Amy Sands, Anastagia Pierre (Miss Florida USA 2009) and Janay Pyfrom




The new Miss USA shall be crowned on May 16th at the Theatre for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas. 51 delegates are going to attend the final and the winner will represent the United States at Miss Universe 2010 in September.

Source: Miss USA
Pictured from L-R: Misses Alabama, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Tennessee and Texas

miss canada

miss canada


Miss Universe Canada 2010 final will be held on June 14th at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre's John Bassett Theatre. Winner will wear the Canadian sash at Miss Universe 2010. 62 delegates are taking part.

Source: MUC
Pictured from L-R: Aleksandra Malkin, Bianca Gaudreault and Sophie Froment

miss wales



Miss Wales 2010 shall be crowned on June 26th at the Cardiff International Arena in Cardiff and will represent her country at Miss World 2010 pageant. Meet the finalists.

Source: Miss Wales
Pictured from L-R: Ella Desmond-Williams, Summer Ghanavati and Alize Mounter

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1 Cammie - Tvoje SB Cammie - Tvoje SB | Web | 25. dubna 2010 v 11:47 | Reagovat

Ahoj Marti.

1.kolo hlasování o Miss USA Beauty-Cammie2 2010 končí dnes v 18:00, tak se ještě zapoj pokud chceš. Předem díky a pa Cammie

2 Cammie - Tvoje SB Cammie - Tvoje SB | Web | 28. dubna 2010 v 17:04 | Reagovat

Ahojky. Právě probíhá druhé kolo soutěže Miss USA Beauty-Cammie2 2010, tak se prosím zapoj. Díky a pa Cammie

3 Tim PIlgram Tim PIlgram | E-mail | 14. června 2010 v 5:21 | Reagovat

Pretty sure every single ‘beauty pageant’ is full of scandals and what not. First Miss USA and her pole dancing… and now one of the Miss Canada Universe contestants is in a commercial in, a site that promotes infidelity… unbelievable, she the commercial here:
I think it’s time they change the name to sexy scandal pageants… just saying.

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