The new Miss USA is Rima Fakih of Michigan !

BREAKING NEWS: Venus Raj to remain Bb. Pilipinas Universe, after all !

10. dubna 2010 v 19:27 | Martina A. |  Miss Universe
maria venus raj

Several weeks ago, the pageant world was shocked by the dethronement of Maria Venus Raj, one of the hugest favourites for this year´s Miss Universe crown. The official reason for this were discrepancies in Raj´s birth-certificate, yet much unclarity surrounded the story. With previously unseen effort, fans from all over the globe have been supporting the young beauty, who did not give up her fight for justice even after her runner-up, Nicolette Henson, was announced as the new titleholder.

This weekend the Miss Philippines organisation announced suddenly that Venus will reclaim her crown, if she obtains a valid Philippine passport until the end of June.

Maria Venus Raj will now represent the Philippines at the 2010 Miss Universe pageant later this year.


Photo credit: OPMB
Source: abs-cbnews

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