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Czech Miss 2010

21. března 2010 v 12:03 | Martina A. |  Czech Beauty Team 2010/2011
česká miss
From L-R: Stefania Fernandez (the reigning Miss Universe), Jitka Válková (Czech Miss winner), Veronika Machová (Czech Miss World), Michaela Maláčová (director, former Miss Czechoslovakia)

March 21st 2010, Prague

CZECH MISS 2010: Jitka Válková - off to Miss Universe 2010
CZECH MISS WORLD 2010: Veronika Machová - off to Miss World 2010

Remaining contestants:
Šárka Laubendorfová
Carmen Justová
Karolína Rédlová
Kristýna Halouzková
Kateřina Votavová
Tereza Kučerová
Tereza Maláčová
Christina Zidková
Petra Musilová
Barbora Hamplová

Special Awards:
MISS INTERNET: Tereza Kučerová
MISS FREKVENCE 1: Veronika Machová
MISS BLESK: Veronika Machová


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