The new Miss USA is Rima Fakih of Michigan !

Březen 2010

Czech Miss 2010

21. března 2010 v 12:03 | Martina A. |  Czech Beauty Team 2010/2011
česká miss
From L-R: Stefania Fernandez (the reigning Miss Universe), Jitka Válková (Czech Miss winner), Veronika Machová (Czech Miss World), Michaela Maláčová (director, former Miss Czechoslovakia)

March 21st 2010, Prague

CZECH MISS 2010: Jitka Válková - off to Miss Universe 2010
CZECH MISS WORLD 2010: Veronika Machová - off to Miss World 2010

Remaining contestants:
Šárka Laubendorfová
Carmen Justová
Karolína Rédlová
Kristýna Halouzková
Kateřina Votavová
Tereza Kučerová
Tereza Maláčová
Christina Zidková
Petra Musilová
Barbora Hamplová

Special Awards:
MISS INTERNET: Tereza Kučerová
MISS FREKVENCE 1: Veronika Machová
MISS BLESK: Veronika Machová

Miss Thailand Universe 2010

21. března 2010 v 11:53 | Martina A. |  National pageants
19 year-old Fonthip Watcharatrakul won yesterday night the Miss Thailand Universe 2010 title and will represent the Asian kingdom at Miss Universe 2010 to be held this September.

First runner-up and the Thai delegate to this year´s Miss Earth is Watsaporn Wattanakul, 22.

Source: The Pageant Café &

Up-comming national pageants for 2010/2011, part II (UPDATED: 3/25)

17. března 2010 v 16:41 | Martina A. |  National pageants

miss rakousko
miss rakouska

miss rakouska
Miss Austria 2010 will be crowned on March 27th at the American Chance Casino in Kleinhaugsdorf. The winner will represent the country at Miss World 2010 in November. Meet the delegates competing for the title.

Photo source:
Pictured from L-R: Andrea Andricic, Nina Keck and Tamara Beck

Later this year, the new Miss Ecuador will be selected by a panel of judges to represent the country at Miss Universe 2010. 17 contestants will take part in the event.

Source: Miss Ecuador
Pictured from L-R: Andrea Suárez, Katherine Coronel and María José Zambrano




In Istanbul the new Miss Turkey will be crowned on April 1st. She will represent Turkey at Miss World, her runner-ups will go to Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth pageants, respectively. 20 finalists are competing.
Pictured from L-R: Selvinaz Bayraktar, Burde Aslan and Merve Sari




Miss Philippines Earth 2010 final will be held in Manila on April 25th. The winner will try to continue her country´s successful strike at the Miss Earth 2010 pageant.

Source: OPMB

alisha pkha

manashvi mamgai

neha hinge

nicole faria

On April 30th the new Pantaloons Femina Miss India will be crowned in a ceremony held at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Mumbai. 18 stunning delegates are competing for three main titles of FMI World, FMI International and FMI Earth.

Pictured from L-R: Alisha Pekha, Manasvi Mamgai, Neha Hinge and Nicole Faria

great britain
great britain
great britain

On May 2nd, the British representative to Miss Universe will be chosen. 50 delegates from all over the country are competing for the 2010 Miss Universe Great Britain title.

Source: Miss Universe GB
Pictured from L-R: Claire-Louise Catterall, Jamey Bowers and Reena Patel




The new Miss USA shall be crowned on May 16th at the Theatre for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas. 51 delegates are going to attend the final and the winner will represent the United States at Miss Universe 2010 in September.

Source: Miss USA
Pictured from L-R: Misses Alabama, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Tennessee and Texas

miss wales



Miss Wales 2010 shall be crowned on June 26th at the Cardiff International Arena in Cardiff and will represent her country at Miss World 2010 pageant. Meet the finalists.

Source: Miss Wales
Pictured from L-R: Ella Desmond-Williams, Summer Ghanavati and Alize Mounter

Miss Universe Japan 2010

16. března 2010 v 21:36 | Martina A. |  National pageants

25-year old Maiko Itai won recently the 2010 Miss Universe Japan title and will therefore represent Japan at this year´s Miss Universe pageant to be held this September.

First runner-up was Momoka Yoshida, second runner-up Moeko Fukuda.

Source: Global Beauties

Blast from the past - photo of the March

16. března 2010 v 12:00 | Martina A. |  Photo of the month
Pictured is Pavlína Baburková, Miss Czechoslovakia 1992, Miss Europe 1992 1st Runner-Up and Miss Universe 1993 semifinalist.

Photo credit: Miss Czech Republic website

Miss Israel 2010

15. března 2010 v 21:41 | Martina A. |  National pageants

This year´s Miss Israel final was concluded last week in the city of Haifa. The winners are:

Israel's Queen of Beauty (Miss Israel) 2010: Shavit Wiesel, 20, off to Miss World 2010 (left photo)
Israel's Maiden of Beauty (1st Runner Up) 2010: Bat-El Jobi, 21, off to Miss Universe 2010 (right photo on the left)
Israel's Queen of Grace (2nd Runner Up) 2010: Gal Erez, 18, off to Miss Earth 2010 (right photo in the centre)
Israel's Teen Queen (3rd Runner Up) 2010: Adi Sasi, 20 (right photo on the right)

Source: Pageant-mania,

Miss Universe Slovakia 2010

15. března 2010 v 21:24 | Martina A. |  National pageants
25 year-old contestant number five, Anna Amenová, won last week the 2010 Miss Universe Slovakia crown. She will now represent the country at Miss Universe 2010.

First runner-up (left) is Timea Szaboová, 20, while the second runner-up (right) title went to Hana Kiková, 19. They will compete at Miss Earth and Miss Intercontinental pageants, respectively.

Source: Pageant Café, SITA

Miss Ekaterinburg is the new Miss Russia

7. března 2010 v 16:45 | Martina A. |  National pageants
18 year-old Miss Ekaterinburg, Irina Antonenko, won yesterday the title of Miss Russia 2010. She is said to represent her country at Miss World and possibly also at Miss Universe 2010 pageants.

Irina Shapirova and Olga Konorenko placed as runner-ups.

Source: The Pageant Café

Binibining Pilipinas 2010

7. března 2010 v 16:35 | Martina A. |  National pageants
Yesterday, the 2010 Binibining Pilipinas pageant took place in the Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines.

Bb. Pilipinas World is Czarina Gatbonton, while the Bb. Pilipinas Universe crown went to Venus Raj, a heavy favourite. Another favourite, Krista Kleiner, is the new Bb. Pilipinas International. Nicollete Henson and Dianne Necio are runner-ups.

24 contestants competed for the main prizes.

Source: The Pageant Café and OPMB