The new Miss USA is Rima Fakih of Michigan !

Únor 2009

Czech Miss 2009 elected !

28. února 2009 v 22:53 | Martina A. |  National pageants
Only minutes ago, Czech beauty queens for 2009 were selected.

Czech Miss 2009 is Iveta Lutovská(centre), who will now represent the Czech republic at Miss Universe in summer. She also won the Judges´ Choice Award. 1st runner-up title went to Tereza Budková(left), who is supposed to compete at Miss Earth, while 2nd runner-up is Zina Šťovíčková(right), who goes to Miss Intercontinental.

The rest of the Top 6 were Leona Grešáková, Nicola Mináriková and Tereza Šimsová.

12 finalists competed for the crown at the Prague International Airport in Ruzyně. Miss Universe 2008, Dayana Mendoza, helped with the coronation.

Photo credit: idnes

More photos and information tomorrow !

All´s ready for Czech Miss 2009 !

27. února 2009 v 20:23 | Martina A. |  National pageants
I know I have not been much of an active blogger lately and I feel ashamed for it. February has been hectic for me, so far. But it would be even a bigger shame to miss an event as important as the Czech Miss 2009 finals tomorrow night...

This contest was first held in 2005 and sends its winners to Miss Universe and Miss Earth pageants. Every year, Michaela Maláčová, the director, brings something new and special into the show and 2009 should not be any different.

Last December, 12 young women were selected to later fight for newly-designed crown during an event again staged at the Prague International Airport in Ruzyně. The current Miss Universe, Dayana Mendoza, is already in Prague, getting ready to attend the coronation.

The winner will be chosen by the public, again. Blanka Matragi, a world-known fashion designer, prepared the official Czech Miss 2009 wardrobe for the girls that will be presented during the final night. Also, during the event pictures from the contestants´ trip to Kenya will be shown and a surprise is expected, too.

At the following links you can see video of Dayana Mendoza in Prague and official portraits of the contestants.
Source: iDnes & Czech Miss website

Miss Ukraine Universe 2009 results

21. února 2009 v 19:59 | Martina A. |  National pageants

The winner of the 2009 Miss Ukraine Universe pageant is 25 year-old Kristina Koz-Gotlib. 1st Runner Up was Antonina Papernaya, 18 and 2nd Runner Up Anna Lapenko, 20. Completing the Top were Ekaterina Antonenko and Katerina Vetchinkina.

The winner will represent Ukraine at Miss Universe 2009 this summer.

15 delegates competed for the crown during an event attended by Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela.

Source: TabloidPravda

Miss Universe visits Ukraine

19. února 2009 v 6:23 | Martina A. |  Miss Universe
Miss Universe 2008, Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela, arrived in Ukraine this week to visit an orphanage in Kiev. She has been joined by 2008´s Miss Ukraine Universe, Eleonora Masalab and the president of the same pageant, Oleksandra Nikolayenko. Interestingly, Oleksandra previously represented her country at MU 2004 and MW 2001 and was a judge at MU 2005.

Dayana is likely to attend the Miss Ukraine Universe 2009 finals tomorrow.

Source: Aleksandr Yaremcha/SEGODNYA, Global Beauties
More photos at

Miss World on the cover

15. února 2009 v 19:57 | Martina A. |  Miss World
Here´s Aishwarya Rai, Miss World 1994 and a Bollywood actress, photographed for the cover of the French magazine of Madame.
Source: Madame
Thanks to Samir of India !

Miss Germany 2009 results

15. února 2009 v 19:47 | Martina A. |  National pageants
Miss Baden-Württemberg, Doris Schmidts, was crowned yesterday as Miss Germany 2009 during a gala in the southern German town of Rust.

First runner-up was Maria Ishutova of Nordheim-Westfallen and second runner-up Kristiana Rohder of Bayern.

Miss Germany is a traditional Germany beauty pageant, yet, their winners don´t represent Germany at any international pageant anymore.

Source: Bild

Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008, wins Global Beauties´ most prestigeous award

9. února 2009 v 20:01 | Martina A.
11th addition of Global Beauties´Miss Grand-Slam Award was won by the current Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza from Venezuela. Close second came the reigning Miss World, Russia´s Ksenia Sukhinova, while third was Elisa Najera of Mexico. Completing the top 5 were Tamara Almeida, Miss Brazil World and Irina Zuravskaya, Miss Ukraine World 2008.

This award is given to a contestant that is voted best overally in the particular year. All semifinalists of all Grand-Slam pageants are nominated, plus some GB´s favourites are included, as well. In 2008, 450 lucky women were listed and 14 judges voted in several rounds to select the winner.

See full results at Global

Breaking news: former Miss Earth tries another pageant & franchise changes in Puerto Rico

4. února 2009 v 18:05 | Martina A. |  National pageants

Former Miss Earth, Jessica Trisko, applied for the Miss Universe Canada pageant to be probably held in May. If she wins, she would go on to compete for the Miss Universe crown this summer, as the first winner of another Grand-Slam pageant to do so in decades.

Another news is regarding Magali Febles, national director of the Miss Puerto Rico Universe pageant. Febles took over the MU franchise in 2003 and was quite successful with her winners, even managing to win the Mikimoto crown in 2006. Now it seems that the franchise was taken away from the organisation and new directors have been appointed. They are Luis Vigoreaux and and Desiree Lowry(Miss Puerto Rico 1995). The current Miss Puerto Rico Universe, Mayra Matos, should represent her country this year, though. More news as soon as it appears.

New crowns for the Miss Universe Org. winners !

4. února 2009 v 17:06 | Martina A.
The MUO announced today, that Diamond Lexus Labs, world leader of lab-created precious stones, will be the official jewelry sponsor of the Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe pageants and will design new crowns for all three winners.

Diamond Nexus Labs, is the creator of the world's most technologically advanced man-made gemstones. The gemstones are all synthesized in clean labs using environmentally friendly processes.

"We are very excited to have partnered with the earth-conscious Diamond Nexus Labs to create this year's crowns. Their initiative coincides with the pageant's core values of being savvy, aware and socially mindful," said Paula M. Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization. "The titleholder crowns are some of the most revered pieces of jewelry in the world."

"We are honored to be creating these prestigious crowns and we stand with and congratulate the Miss Universe Organization and NBC on their bold venture in creating a greener world," said Gary LaCourt, CEO of Diamond Nexus Labs.

You can read the whole article at Diamond Nexus Labs official website.

February 2009: Black and American

3. února 2009 v 19:43 | Martina A. |  Photo of the month
Last month, the first Afro-American president in the history of the USA inaugurated in Washington. In beauty pageants, however, the country has already managed to crown several legendary black beauties. One of them is the current Miss USA, after all. But a few decades ago this it would not be particulary common.

The Miss Black America pageant was founded in 1968 as a protest against the lack of black women in Miss America. The winner back then was Saundra Williams of Pennsylvania. Her successor was Gloria O. Smith representing New York. And she is Czech Misses Page photo of this month...
Source: Wikipedia & Miss PR Beauty Journal MB

Up-comming national pageants for 2009 (PART II, updated on 2/15 with Finland)

2. února 2009 v 12:43 | Martina A. |  National pageants
We are just at the start of the 2009 season and only a few countries have already crowned their queens. Yet, somewhere out there, waiting for their moment of glory, there are future legends or disappointments, nice/not so nice surprises, role-models, scandal queens or drama queens. The future of pageantry...
Miss Suomi 2009 will be crowned on March 1st and go on to compete at Miss Universe this summer. Her runner-ups will go to Miss International and Miss Europe, if held. The new Finnish queen will be chosen among 10 delegates by the public vote and shall recieve a newly-designed crown.

Pictured from L-R: Elsi Suolanen, Essi Pöysti and Linda Wikstedt published recently photos of all delegates to Miss Spain 2009 pageant that selects Spanish delegates to Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth. Date and venue to be announced soon.

Pictured from L-R: Misses Islas Baleares, Melilla and Tenerife
At you can meet 47 contestants vying for the Miss World Canada crown and the right to represent the country at Miss World 2009. Date and venue to be announced.

The new Miss Ecuador will be crowned on March 12th. At you can meet all 22 young women that will compete for the title. The winner is supposed represent Ecuador at Miss Universe, the first runner-up will be named Miss Ecuador World.

Pictured from L-R: Sandra Vinces, Paola Quintero, Renata Moreira Tortorelli
Source: Welcome Ecuador &

Miss Liberia 2009 pageant takes place in March and the winner is supposed to represent the nation at Miss World 2009 in South Africa. Portraits of the nine contestants can be seen at

Pictured from L-R: Shru-rina Wiah(Grand Bassa County), Layal Kazouh(Bong County) and Warti Robinson(Maryland County)

The smallest nation in the Americas, St.Kitts&Nevis, is going to crown its queens on March 7th. 5 contestants are vying for the title and the right to represent the islands at Miss World 2009. Photos at S.K.N. vibes.

Pictured from L-R: Venetta Zakers and Rae-Jean Oneika Jenkins

Inside, you will find national delegates for Uruguay, Slovakia, USA, Ukraine and Norway that were posted in a previous article.

From the top of the world with FINNISH BEAUTIES !

1. února 2009 v 19:09 | Martina A. |  What did not fit any category but is worth reading !
Finland has always been among the European pageant powers, especially between the 50´s and first half of the 70´s. They won Miss Universe, Miss World and also Miss International titles and reached an amazing record of second/third placements that can be today compared probably only to Colombia.

Here, I present all Finnish Grand-Slam winners, 1st and 2nd runner-ups...

Marita Lindahl won the Miss Finland pageant in 1957 and soon travelled to Baden-Baden, Germany to compete for that year´s Miss Europe title. She placed second behind Corine Rottschaefer of Holland. Months later, Marita became Miss World 1957. Ironically, it was Corine, who would win the same title only two years later...

Another Miss World from Holland was Catharina Lodders in 1962. Her first runner-up was Miss Finland and also 2nd runner-up to Miss Europe 1962, Kaarina Leskinen.

In 1962, Finland was all over the pageant world, as their second runner-up, Aulikki Järvinen, came third at the 1962 Miss Universe pageant held at Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

Marja-Liisa Ståhlberg, Miss Finland 1963, continued the strike when she placed third to Miss World 1963 Carol Crawfor of Jamaica.

With the Miss World crown already at home, Finland longed for the Miss Universe one. The dream almost came true as Virpi Miettinen, Miss Finland 1965 and Miss Europe´s 1st Runner Up, came second at Miss Universe 1965. The winner was Apasra Hongsakula of Thailand.

As if the Miss Universe title was not their destiny, Satu Östring, Miss Finland 1966, brought her country to the second position for the second consecutive year. Interestingly, she reached the same position at Miss International three years later.

Leena Brusiin made Finland proud as she became second runner-up to Miss Universe 1968 and also the winner of that year´s Miss Europe pageant.

Harriet Eriksson, was Miss Finland 1969 and fourth woman to almost win the coveted Miss Universe crown for Suomi. Besides that, she also placed 4th at Miss Europe the same year.

Georgina Rizk was Lebanon´s Miss Universe in 1971. Her 2nd runner-up was a beautiful blonde Miss Finland and Miss Europe semifinalist, Pirjo Laitila.

1972´s Miss Finland was Maj-Len Eriksson who lateron went to Miss Universe. Her runner-up, Tuula Anneli Björkling, was sent to that year´s Miss World where she placed 7th. But Tuula´s succes was only the beginning of something bigger comming as she travelled to Miss International 1973 pageant in Osaka, Japan to take home the first Grand-Slam title after 16 years !

1974 was a controversial year in pageantry. Both Miss World and Miss Universe were dethroned but what was even worse, one winner was first runner-up to the other. This situation could have had a happy ending for Miss Finland, Johanna Raunio, who came third overally to the Spanish Miss Universe.

Silver medal is nice, yet the golden is nicer. Finland finally won their first Miss Universe title with Anne-Marie Pohtamo, Miss Finland 1975 !

1975 was really the year of Finland. Anne-Marie´s second runner-up, Eeva Mannerberg, almost won the crown at Miss International in Japan.

The only Miss Finland to have placed high during 80´s was Sari Aspholm. This beautiful Miss Universe 1982 semifinalist placed as 1st Runner Up at the Miss World pageant the same year.

One of the most extraordinary Misses Finland ever, Lola Odusoga, went all the way through Miss Universe 1996 finals and to grab the second runner-up price.

She was second runner-up to Miss Finland and also second runner-up to Miss International - that is beautiful Saija Palin in 1999.

So far the last Finnish top placement in a Grand-Slam pageant is 3rd place at Miss International 2005. The lucky girl was Susanna Laine, 2nd Runner Up to Miss Finland 2005.

Source: Pageantopolis, Miss Finland forum, Global Beauties