The new Miss USA is Rima Fakih of Michigan !

Prosinec 2008

Miss Tourism International results

31. prosince 2008 v 19:32 | Martina A. |  Other international pageants

Yesterday, the new Miss Tourism International was crowned in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. She is Manasvi Mamgai representing India. Manasvi is also the winner of Elite Model Look India from 2006.

Runner Ups were, in order, Misses Brazil(Cibele Franczak), Bosnia/Herzegovina(Alma Mulalic, competed at MTQI 2008), Thailand(Ananya Chinsangchai) and Hong Kong-Ruby(Wong Hiu Chun).

Among the 10 semifinalists placed delegates representing Armenia(Marine Aveyan), Bolivia(Nuvia Montenegro), Czech Republic(Martina Besikova), Philippines(Jam Libatog) and Venezuela(Estefania Di Filippo).

This minor international beauty event is one of the several tourism pageants, that appeared over the years.
Miss Tourism International began in 1994 and has always been held in various locations around Malaysia(except for 2006, when it was staged in China). Also, no pageant took place in 1996 and 1997.
Among contestants, that you could know from Grand-Slam pageants, has been, for example, Laura Romero of Argentina, while our country has been successfully represented by Zuzana Štěpanovská(Miss Earth semifinalist), Zuzana Putnářová(Miss Int. runner-up) or Michaela Maláčová(Miss Universe contestant).

Source:, Sulekha, The Pageant Café & Pageantopolis

Miss Tourism Zimbabwe

31. prosince 2008 v 19:09 | Martina A. |  National pageants
21 year-old Vanessa Sibanda of Harare won recently the title of Miss Tourism Zimbabwe, which entitles her to represent her country at Miss World 2009.

Hilda Mabu was 1st Runner Up, Tendai Rukwava placed as 2nd Runner Up.

36 delegates competed for the crown at the Harare International Convention Centre in Harare on December 30th.

Source: Miss Tourism Zimbabwe, New Zimbabwe, Thanks, PG14/PinoyExchange! & Zimbabwe Tourism Authority

Miss Mexico in jail

27. prosince 2008 v 9:12 | Martina A.
Many fans saw the next Miss Universe in her but now it seems better she never became one. Laura Zuñiga, Miss Mexico International and Reina Hispanoamericana 2008, was recently arrested in Guadalajara, Mexico, along with seven other people allegedly carrying weapons, drugs and over USD 100 thousand in cash in a truck. It appears, that Laura is the girlfriend of one of the suspected men and was held captive with them. It was not officially announced, however, if she is charged anyhow or not. The case is still being investigated.

Representing the state of Sinaloa, Laura placed 2nd Runner Up at the 2008 Miss Mexico pageant and was supposed to compete at Miss International next year. In October, she also took part at the most important Latin-American pageant, Reina Hispanoamericana, which she won, as the first Mexican delegate to ever do so. Both titles are now taken from her. Nuestra Belleza Mexico org. gave no official announcement, yet, but the 3rd Runner Up to Miss Mexico is supposed to take over. Promociones Gloria, organisers of Reina Hispanoamericana, declared yesterday, that Laura´s 1st Runner Up, Vivian Noronha Cia of Brazil, will soon travel to Bolivia to recieve the title and tiara.

More information on the case will follow as soon as they appear.

Source: Global Beauties &

Miss Belgium 2009 results

24. prosince 2008 v 10:08 | Martina A. |  National pageants

Yesterday, the new queens of Belgium were crowned in the capital city of Brussels. The winner was the home-town delegate, Zeynep Sever. 1st Runner Up is Cassandra d`Ermilio, while 2nd Runner Up Michèle Thissen.

The winner is supposed to represent Belgium at next year´s Miss Universe and Miss World pageants. Also, it is interesting to note that she participated in Miss Turkey 2008 and was a semifinalist there.

Source: Global Beauties, Belga picture

Miss Burundi 2009

22. prosince 2008 v 13:39 | Martina A. |  National pageants
The first ever Miss Burundi pageant was won by Alida Kaneza, 1st Runner Up was Evelyn Nkurunziza and 2nd Runner Up Panafrica Marie Claire. It is unknown, whether the winners will represent Burundi internationally.

You can read the whole story at Global Beauties and Miss Burundi website.

Czech Miss 2009 finalists chosen

21. prosince 2008 v 13:21 | Martina A. |  National pageants
On December 8th, 41 young women took part in an event, during which 12 of them were selected. All of them are now undertaking an intensive preparation and makeover to be able to compete for the 2009 Czech Miss crown next February. In January, they will also spent about a week in Kenya.

The 12 Czech Miss 2009 finalists are:
Beáta Bocková (n.3)
Tereza Budková (n.4)
Leona Grešáková (n.8)
Iveta Lutovská (n.20) (also Miss Czech Republic 2003 finalist and Miss Model of the World 2007 winner)
Nikola Mináriková (n.22)
Hana Mücková (n.23)
Klára Rychtaříková (n.27)
Nikol Smetanová (n.28)
Tereza Šimsová (n.30)
Zina Šťovíčková (n.31)
Julie Zugarová (n.40)
Veronika Žídková (n.41)

Official portraits to follow soon !

Source: Czech Miss official website

Miss Angola 2009

20. prosince 2008 v 20:48 | Martina A. |  National pageants
Miss Angola 2009 pageant concluded this week in the capital city of Luanda. The winner was Nelsa Suraia Pombal Alves, a 21 year-old home-town girl, who will now represent this African country at the 2009 Miss Universe pageant.

1st Runner Up, Jesinalda Silva, will go on to next year´s Miss World contest, while 2nd Runner Up, Ilma Leonaldo, is expected to compete at Miss Tourism Queen International in May.

After its remarkable success in recent years, Angola is fastly becoming an African beauty power.

Source: Global Beauties

Zuzana Jandová returns from South Africa

20. prosince 2008 v 11:55 | Martina A.
Also Miss Czech Republic 2008, Zuzana Jandová, is already back from Miss World. Although, she missed the Top 15, we can be really proud of her as she represented our country perfectly!

Thank you, Zuzana, and good luck for the rest of your reign !


Miss World back home in Russia

20. prosince 2008 v 11:22 | Martina A. |  Miss World
Newly crowned Miss World and the reigning Miss Russia, Ksenia Sukhinova, was warmly welcomed at Moscow's Domodedovo airport last Wednesday.

Ksenia, 21, comes from from Tyumen in Siberia, where she studies cybernetic systems at the Oil and Gas University. As Miss World 2008, she will now travel the world to attend various charity events and official appearances on behalf of the MWO. Next fall, she will return to South Africa to crown her successor.

Source: RIA Novosti, Pageant-mania

Miss South Africa 2008 results

16. prosince 2008 v 21:19 | Martina A. |  National pageants
Yesterday evening, the new Miss South Africa was crowned in Johannesburg. She is 24 year-old model Tatum Keshwar, who will now represent the country at Miss Universe and Miss World 2009.

1st Runner Up was Anja van Zyl and 2nd Runner Up Buyi Shongwe. 12 contestants competed for the title.

Also, the newly crowned Miss World, Ksenia Sukhinova of Russia, attended the event.

Close-up video of the winner follows:

Source: Global Beauties, The Pageant Café(special thanks to Yaseen !)

Miss World 2008 in a summary

15. prosince 2008 v 19:56 | Martina A. |  MISS WORLD 2008 coverage
What a ride this was...Only days after the so long expected final, thoughts are flowing through my head. About what a wonderful host South Africa has been, about the gorgeous winner we have. And about how superior she was, although my heart secretely longed for a surprise, comming all the way out of nowhere to take the bluest crown in the world. It didn´t happen, yet, we witnessed THE MW pageant of the decade, with what was among the best Top 15-5-3 groups in years. Miss World finally was, at least partly, what it should be and used to be.

Ksenia Sukhinova, Miss World 2008 from Russia

13. prosince 2008 v 19:01 | Martina A. |  Miss World

December 13th 2008, Johannesburg, South Africa
109 contestants

MISS WORLD 2008: Ksenia Sukhinova - RUSSIA
1ST RUNNER UP: Parvathy Omanakuttan - INDIA

Top 5 finalists:
4. ANGOLA - Brigith dos Santos
5. SOUTH AFRICA - Tansey Coetzee (MUniverse 2008 semifinalist)

Top 15 semifinalists:
BARBADOS - Natalie Griffith
BRAZIL - Tamara Almeida(Tourism Queen Int. 2007 Runner-Up)
CROATIA - Josipa Kusic
ICELAND - Alexandra Ívarsdóttir
KAZAKHSTAN - Alfina Nassyrova (MUniverse 2008 contestant)
MEXICO - Anagabriela Espinoza (Miss International 2009 winner)
PUERTO RICO - Ivonne Orsini
SPAIN - Patricia Fernandez
UKRAINE - Irina Zhuravskaya
VENEZUELA - Hannelys Quintero

Fast-track events(each winner automatically enters the Top 15):
1st Runner Up: Tansey Coetzee - SOUTH AFRICA
2nd Runner Up: Ksenia Sukhinova - RUSSIA

MISS TALENT: Natalie Griffith - BARBADOS
1st Runner Up: Kathrin Krafuss - AUSTRIA
2nd Runner Up: Irina Zhuravskaya - UKRAINE

MISS SPORT: Alexandra Ívarsdóttir - ICELAND
1st Runner Up: Andreia Rodrigues - PORTUGAL
2nd Runner Up: Adaeze Igwes - NIGERIA


1st Runner Up: Brigith dos Santos - ANGOLA
2nd Runner Up: Parvathy Omanakuttan - INDIA

Continental Queens of Beauty:
Africa: Angola
Europe: Russia
Caribbean: Trinida&Tobago
Americas: Venezuela
Asia: India

Special Awards:

Source of photos: Getty Images, Wire Images, Pageant-mania, Hindustantimes, IBNLive, Amuso

Miss World 2008 Live Updates

13. prosince 2008 v 16:21 | Martina A. |  MISS WORLD 2008 coverage
The pageant has started !

All of the 109 contestants were presented one by one, wearing their Top Model gowns and being accompanied by South African dancers. After that, flags of the competing countries were brought onstage, while the two hosts were talking. In my opinion, the opening was spectacular and absolutely fantastic !

Now - some shots of the girls´ activities during their stay in South Africa.

Judges introduced. Musical performance, girls dancing in yellow dresses in the backround.

Fast-track winners introduced now.

Beauty with a Purpose winner is Trinidad&Tobago !!!

Musical performance. Top 15 next.

BEST GOWN: USA, Trinidad&Tobago and Guatemala runner-ups.

TOP 15:

Puerto Rico
South Africa

Videos of South Africa again. Top 5 next !

Top 5:
South Africa



More info and photos soon !!!

(Photo source: Pageant-mania)

Tonight´s the night !

13. prosince 2008 v 8:49 | Martina A. |  MISS WORLD 2008 coverage
In only about 7 hours we will know the name of the new Miss World !

109 contestants spent last weeks in South Africa, travelling and preparing for the big final night today. Angela Chow(journalist and television presenter from Taiwan) and Tumisho Masha(South African actor) will be the hosts, while a panel of judges(including Julia Morley and Wilnelia Merced) will be due to select the successor of last year´s winner, Zilin Zhang of China.

Our countries are being represented by Miss Czech Republic Zuzana Jandová and Miss Slovakia Edita Krešáková.

15 semifinalists will be announced during the event - 10 of which were chosen by a panel of judges earlier this week, 3 were fast-tracked by winning Beach Beauty(Mexico), Top Model(Russia) and Talent(Barbados) competitions. The Remain spot will belong to the winner of Beauty with a Purpose award(either Trinidad/Tobago, Kenya, Mexico or Hungary)(People´s Choice was cancelled after technical problems).
5 finalists will then be announced. Each will say to the judges, why she wants to be Miss World. 2 runner-ups and the winner of Miss World 2008 will be announced after that.

The winner will spend her year travelling and taking part in various charity projects on behalf of the Miss World Organisation. In a year´s time, she will return to South Africa to relinquish the legendary blue crown to her successor.

In case, you still hesitate about who your favourites are and would like to go through all the photos again, they can be found at Czech Misses´ Blog MW coverage.

Personally, I haven´t been so excited about a pageant in a long time. Maybe it´s because South Africa has been a great host or because the pageant has been really long again this year. But - maybe the main reason is elsewhere. Because in 2008 anything can happen at Miss World. There are so many absolutely equally stunning girls competing, that are worthy of placing or even winning the crown. Miss Russia seems to be the one, according to most lists, but in such a group(and I feel it´s going to happen) a complete dark-horse could easily come through and take the title for her country, at the end. So, let´s enjoy the beauty from all over the world and remember, that beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder.

Therefore, I would like to wish all of you a great experience and the girls good luck ! Also, big thanks go to Zuzana and Edita, who wore the Czech and Slovak sashes confidently and with grace.

Next update with final night and broadcast information and results !

Farewell to: ZI-LIN ZHANG, Miss World 2007

10. prosince 2008 v 21:22 | Martina A. |  MISS WORLD 2008 coverage
Her win last year was a little controversial and caused lots of discussions about whether it was political or not. After all, the pageant was staged in the country already for its 4th time, not talking about the Olympics being held there only half a year later. But - such rumours always appear and if you really want to find a proof, you will surely find it, regardless of being relevant or not.

Wherever the truth is, Zilin Zhang became the first Chinese woman ever to win the coveted and legendary blue crown. She was already the second East-Asian Grand-Slam winner that year(after Riyo Mori of Japan won Miss Universe), representing, as many believe, a beauty of the new Millenium. That is delicate, fresh, yet confident, mature, strong and natural. During her reign, Zilin travelled the world and has been photographed more, than not too many other Miss World titleholders before her. And from a princess she transformed into a queen, in every sense of the word...

Source: WireImages, GettyImages, Sina, Xinhuanet,, Zilin Zhang Blog,, Images24, Joburg Tourism

Miss World Annual Family Party

9. prosince 2008 v 7:57 | Martina A. |  MISS WORLD 2008 coverage
Today, all the fun ends and the hard work starts, as contestants start rehearsing for the big final on Saturday. Yesterday, the Miss World Annual Family Party took place. Photos can you see at Global Beauties.

Enjoy !

Miss Talent is Barbados

7. prosince 2008 v 19:03 | Martina A. |  MISS WORLD 2008 coverage
The 4th of this year´s fast-track events took place tonight at the Sandton Sun Convention Centre in South Africa. At the end, Natalie Olivia Griffith from Barbados was chosen among 19 semifinalists that performed during the event.

MISS WORLD TALENT: Natalie Olivia Griffith- BARBADOS


Cayman Islands
Chinese Taipei
Northern Ireland
South Africa

The winner is guaranteed a spot in Miss World finals on December 13th.

Source: Miss World website

Miss Luxembourg 2009 results

7. prosince 2008 v 12:49 | Martina A. |  National pageants
The winner of the 2009 Miss Luxembourg pageant held last, night was Diana Nilles, 20, of Walferdingen. She will represent her country at Miss Universe and Miss World later next year.

1st Runner Up was Sihem Talbi, 20 and 2nd Runner Up Sabrina Meyer, 20.

Source: Wort

Miss France 2009 results (UPDATED 12/7)

7. prosince 2008 v 0:07 | Martina A. |  National pageants

19 year-old Chloé Mortaud, Miss Albigeois Midi Pyrenées, won yesterday the title of Miss France 2009 and therefore the right to represent her country at Miss Universe and Miss World 2009.

1st and 2nd Runner Ups were favourites from Lorraine, Camille Cheyere(who will compete at Miss International 2009), and Pays de Loire, Elodie Martineau(the home-town girl). 4th place was won by Mayotte´s Esthel Nee, while 5th placed Bianca Taillard from Bretagne.

Among the Top 12 were Misses Rhone-Alpes, Poitou-Charentes, Normandie, Guadeloupe, Limousin, Berry val de Loire and Reunion.

36 delegates from mainland France and its overseas territories competed in what is among the best-produced national pageants in the world. Last year´s winner is Valérie Begue of Reunion.

You can watch yesterday´s show here:

Source: Miss France website & Belga

Miss France 2009 live updates

6. prosince 2008 v 22:20 | Martina A. |  National pageants
Tonight, the new Miss France is going to be crowned. She will represent her country in Miss Universe and Miss World 2009.

You can watch the whole pageant live on internet here, while the official portraits of the delegates are published here.

Enjoy and may the best one win !