The new Miss USA is Rima Fakih of Michigan !

Říjen 2008

Reina Hispanoamericana 2008 results

31. října 2008 v 7:19 | Martina A. |  Other international pageants

Yesterday, the 2008 Reina Hispanoamericana pageant concluded with a spectacular event, held at open air in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. At the end, Laura Zúñiga, this year´s Miss Mexico 1st Runner Up, walked away with coveted crown. Brazil´s Vivian Noronha Cia came second(also 1st RU to Miss Brazil World and Miss Brazil TQI 2009), while Gabriela Relaja of Paraguay was 3rd(she will represent her country also at this year´s MW).

Completing the Top 5 were in order Misses Uruguay, Paula Andrea Díaz Galione(Miss Uruguay Universe 2008) and Bolivia, Noemí Peltier de Liotta(will go to Miss Universe 2009). A big favourite, Venezuela´s Ligia Hernandez(semifinalist to Miss Venezuela 2009 as Miss Aragua) was suprisingly left on the 6th position. The final semifinal spot belonged to Miss Peru, Annmarie Vélezmoro(Miss Peru World 2008).

Twenty beautiful contestants spent last ten days in Bolivia, to compete for the title, which is the most prestigeous of the American continent. Last year´s winner was Masiel Tavares of the Dominican Republic.

See photos of the final night here.
Source: Global Beauties & the Pageant Café

Miss International 2008 new pictures

30. října 2008 v 18:57 | Martina A.

Since monday, the contestants have been in Macau...

Source: Pageant-mania, El Anecdotario, Xinhuanet, Thaimiss,

Miss Earth 2008 - more and more beautiful photos of this year´s pageant !

29. října 2008 v 19:45 | Martina A. |  MISS EARTH 2008 coverage

At the following links you can see many pictures of the Press Presentation and the National Costume competition:

Enjoy !

Source: Pageant-mania

Miss Earth 2008 - Press Presentation photos !

28. října 2008 v 19:56 | Martina A. |  MISS EARTH 2008 coverage

Have you already made up your mind who should the next Miss Earth be ? Click in and you may change you opinion...

Source: Mabuhay Beauties, OPMB Worldwide & Carousel

Miss International 2008 - new photos

28. října 2008 v 13:04 | Martina A. |  MISS INTERNATIONAL 2008 coverage

Photos from Festival of Ages, Flower arrangement and more...

Source: Pageant-mania

Miss Earth 2008 - DOT Welcome dinner

28. října 2008 v 8:11 | Martina A. |  MISS EARTH 2008 coverage

The Miss Earth delegates attended yesterday the DOT Welcome dinner...

Source: OPMB Worldwide

Miss International 2008 update

27. října 2008 v 18:18 | Martina A.

Before the girls attend first Macau events, here are some more photos from Japan...

Source: Charmpress & Thaimiss

More photos of Miss Earth 2008

27. října 2008 v 8:03 | Martina A. |  MISS EARTH 2008 coverage

Tomorrow, the National Costumes competition takes place but in the meantime, here are more photos from last week´s events.

It is also worth mentioning that Miss Brazil, Tatiane Alves, won the swimsuit competition this weekend. Congratulations !

Source: Bolivian Beauties MB, Woman of the Earth MB, Carousel, Pageant-mania & OPMB

Miss Earth 2008 first week summary

26. října 2008 v 14:00 | Martina A. |  MISS EARTH 2008 coverage
After Miss International, also Miss Earth is slowly approaching its second week. The contestants have already planted trees, attended a fashion show, visited the Puerto Princesa city for the swimsuit competition, took part in a TV show. So far, it seems like the girls don´t have much time to get bored and actually enjoy the pageant very much. Meanwhile, pageant fans and experts all over the globe are trying to guess who of the 90 competing beauties is likely to take the crown.

At Miss International, most bets are on Miss Colombia but at Miss Earth oppinions differ and change with every new photo. Or, better said, also Miss Earth´s group is incredibly competitive and strong but without one particular front-runner.
The names mentioned the most are Spain´s Adriana Reverón, Romania´s Ruxandra Popa, Brazil´s Tatiane Alves and Tanzania´s Miriam Odemba. Much attention recieve also Misses Greece, Switzerland, Philippines, India, Czech and Slovak Republic, Kosovo, Jamaica, Thailand and Venezuela. South Africa, Nicaragua, Botswana, Bolivia, Ecuador, France, Martinique, Uganda, USA, South Sudan and Slovenia.

90 delegates will soon fly to Guam, which is a co-hosting country this year, together with the Philippines. The new Miss Earth will be crowned on November 9th.

Miss Earth delegates planted trees

26. října 2008 v 13:22 | Martina A. |  MISS EARTH 2008 coverage

This weekend, the 2008 Miss Earth delegates attended several environmental events...

Source: Woman of the Earth MB, Getty Images, Carousel Prod., Missosology, OPMB

More photos from Japan

26. října 2008 v 10:41 | Martina A. |  MISS INTERNATIONAL 2008 coverage

Photos of some of the 61 Miss International delegates taking part in yesterday´s Miss Japan contest and more...

Source: Charmpress, El Anecdotario

Miss Japan 2008

26. října 2008 v 7:35 | Martina A. |  National pageants
Forty-one beautiful contestants competed at the 2009 Miss Japan pageant that took place yesterday at the Kyoto International Conference Hall in Kyoto.

The winner was 18 year-old model Yuka Nakayama(2nd right), who will represent her country at Miss International next year. Also, Eruza Sasaki(2nd left), 18, was crowned Miss World Japan and will be the Japanese bet for Miss World 2009.

61 Miss International delegates together with the reigning queen Priscilla Perales also attended the event as special guests. Today, the girls are leaving for Macau for the final on November 8th.

Source: Global Beauties

Miss Intercontinental 2008 results

26. října 2008 v 7:23 | Martina A. |  Other international pageants
The 2008 Miss Intercontinental pageant concluded yesterday in Zabrze, Poland. The winner is 23 year-old Christina Camargo of Colombia(center), while Milena Lutrzykowska of Poland(right) is 1st Runner Up and Liubou Yakovina of Belarus(left) is 2nd Runner Up. Our delegate, Aneta Sychrová, made the final five.

Miss International 2008 first week summary

25. října 2008 v 20:08 | Martina A. |  MISS INTERNATIONAL 2008 coverage
It has been only a week since the delegates first layed their feet on the Japanese soil but one thing is already for sure - this year´s group is among the best ones Miss International had in this decade...

By far the biggest favourite for the crown seems to be Colombia´s Cristina Diaz. Many pageant fans and experts also see the next Miss International in Norway or Venezuela. Canada, Aruba, Lebanon, Spain, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Macau, Poland, Mexico, Thailand, Bolivia and Ecuador are often being mentioned as possible semifinalists, while France, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Peru, Philippines, UK, USA and Zambia gain more popularity each passing day.

64 delegates should now be present in Japan, except for Italy, who have not shown up yet. Tonight, Miss International Japan and Miss World Japan will be chosen and tomorrow, the delegates are leaving for Macau, where the final takes place.

Miss Earth 2008 - getting to know the Philippines (part two)

25. října 2008 v 12:18 | Martina A. |  MISS EARTH 2008 coverage

First photos of Argentina and Nigeria, Greece and Colombia focus and more videos...

For more videos please visit Woman of the Earth MB.

Source: OPMB Worldwide, Pageant-mania & YouTube

Miss International 2008 - even more photos !

24. října 2008 v 22:18 | Martina A. |  MISS INTERNATIONAL 2008 coverage

Miss International 2008 contestants have few last days to enjoy Japan before they leave for Macau, where the new queen is going to be crowned...

Source: Indonesian Pageants, Charmpress,, El Anecdotario & Pageant Mania

Miss Earth 2008 - beauty&brains (updated on Oct. 25th)

24. října 2008 v 9:32 | Martina A. |  MISS EARTH 2008 coverage
Physical beauty is definitely important when competing in beauty pageants but do this year´s Miss Earth delegates also have the neccessary brains and speaking-skills ? See by yourselves in the following videos...

Miss Earth USA Jana Murrell, 26, is already an experienced beauty. As Miss Nebraska USA she took part in the 2005 Miss USA pageant won by Chelsea Cooley of North Carolina. This year, Jana won herself the right to represent her country at Miss Earth, which was her second attempt to do so. So far, the USA succeded at Miss Earth three times(2001, 2005, 2006).

Beleza Brasil 2008, Tatiane Alves, 24, is not new to pageants, either. In 2005, she was Miss Minas Gerais and 4th RU to Miss Brazil. This year, Tatiane will surely do her best to repeat her country´s victory from 2004.

Last two first runner-ups to Miss Earth came from India. 22 year-old Tanvy Vyas may continue the strike as she replaces the original titleholder Harshita Saxena.

Also Venezuela is sending a former beauty queen. Daniela Torrealba, 19, Sambil Model 2008 winner, represented Trujillo at Miss Venezuela in 2006. This Latin country so far managed to grab the Miss Earth crown once, in 2005.

25 year-old Anita Baltruna of Latvia was among the first contestants that arrived in Manila, Philippines for this year´s Miss Earth pageant. Anita is Latvia´s 4th delegate to ME, the very first one was Jelena Keirane, who made the semifinals in 2001.

Former Nuestra Belleza Coahuila contestant, Abigaíl Elizalde, 23, is representing Mexico. The country has been competing at Miss Earth since 2002 but has not been lucky enough, yet.

Miss Earth Singapore 2008 is Ivy Leow Kian Peng, 25. This beautiful Asian city has been represented each year at Miss Earth, so far with no semifinal placement.

Last year, Romania surpassed the rest of the world and made semifinals at Miss Earth. This year, the country participates again with stunning Ruxandra Popa, 21. Many believe she can take it all.

Philippines´ very own Karla Henry, 21, may be her country´s 7th Miss Earth semifinalist, after a year of absence.

Ria Antoniou was a big favourite to win Miss Greece 2008 pageant but surprisingly placed "only" as a runner-up. Ria is her country´s third representative at Miss Earth, the first being Juliana Patricia Drossou in 2002 who was 3rd Runner Up.

Representing one of the many nations of Africa, meet Nametso Ngwako, Miss Earth Botswana 2008.

Source: OPMB Worldwide

Miss Earth 2008 - getting to know Philippines

23. října 2008 v 19:51 | Martina A. |  MISS EARTH 2008 coverage

The girls start their tour of Philippines. Meanwhile, here are some photos of the Welcome dinner and more...

Source: OPMB & Women of the Earth MB

New Miss International 2008 photos

23. října 2008 v 13:11 | Martina A. |  MISS INTERNATIONAL 2008 coverage

The girls attend the Festival of Ages in their national costumes and more...

Source: Charmpress, GettyImages, ANP & Thaimiss

Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2009 results

23. října 2008 v 8:33 | Martina A. |  National pageants
Yesterday, the Carribean island of Puerto Rico crowned its new queen. She is Miss Cabo Rojo, Mayra Matos. Mayra is 20 years old and studies Literature. She is also a professional model.

1st Runner Up was another big favourite Jennifer Colón of San Juan. The 2nd and 3rd Runner Ups were Sharon Gomez representing Santurce and Haydil Rivera representing Adjuntas. Both women competed at the Miss International pageant in 2006 and 2007, where they were semi finalists.

78 delegates from all over the country competed for the title previously held by Ingrid Rivera(also 2nd Runner Up to MW 2005). The new Miss Puerto Rico will represent her country at the 2009 Miss Universe pageant.

Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza, Miss USA Crystle Stewart and Miss Dominican Republic Marianne de la Cruz attended the final as special guests.

Source: YouTube, Global Beauties(special thanks to Edwin Toledo), PR Beauty Journal MB) & PR Unofficial MB)