The new Miss USA is Rima Fakih of Michigan !

September´s photo: A beauty, a mother, a hero

1. září 2008 v 8:05 | Martina A. |  Photo of the month
This month´s queen is special to my heart, as she was the winner of the first Miss Universe pageant I ever watched. She was tall and unique, as a black diamond, with voice so low that it was almost unhearable. And when she stepped onstage in her long, white gown, I thought I never saw a more perfect woman. And up to this day I haven´t found one...
September´s photo of the month presents nobody else than Wendy Fitzwilliam, Miss Trinidad/Tobago and Miss Universe 1998 with her child.

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1 perlas perlas | Web | 1. září 2008 v 15:02 | Reagovat

really nice words :))

2 Martina A. Martina A. | Web | 1. září 2008 v 19:06 | Reagovat

Thanks ;-) I trully love her :-)

3 Patrick Patrick | 9. září 2008 v 2:09 | Reagovat

I don't understand why she is a hero?  She slept with another woman's husband.  What is so heroic about that?

4 Martina A. Martina A. | Web | 9. září 2008 v 11:19 | Reagovat

Well, she is a hero at least for me as my personal epitome of beauty. No matter whom she slept with. But that aside, when you win Miss Universe for your country, it is heroic in a way and for a certain amount of time, at least for the people of that country :-)

5 without without | E-mail | Web | 11. května 2014 v 20:25 | Reagovat


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