The new Miss USA is Rima Fakih of Michigan !

Září 2008

Two years ago: a tribute to TAŤÁNA KUCHAŘOVÁ, our very own MISS WORLD 2006

30. září 2008 v 19:25 | Martina A. |  Miss World

Just a moment remains till the beginning of the Miss Moravia 2006 pageant - one of two preliminary semifinal competitions leading to the big final night, when the new Miss Czech Republic is crowned. A beautiful, tall blonde appears onstage and the audience suddenly frozes. Something magical for a moment hangs in the air and outshines everything and everyone else. Hours later, this same woman wins the regional title and actually every other title in every other contest she takes part in after that. The rest of the world doesn´t know yet but a new star has just been born...

Source: Getty Images, ANP,,,,, Global Beauties, MWO, The Pageant Café and

Austria changes delegate to Miss World

30. září 2008 v 10:39 | Martina A. |  National pageants
After Philippines, also the Miss Austria organisation announced on Monday, that Miss Austria 2008 winner, Marina Schneider, cannot represent her country at Miss World 2008 in South Africa, as she is due to graduate high school and cannot afford to take a month off. Marina´s 1st Runner Up, Kathrin Krahfuss, will go instead.
Photo: Miss Austria 2008 winners, from L-R 1st RU, winner, 2nd RU

Miss Philippines 2008 resigns

30. září 2008 v 10:12 | Martina A. |  National pageants

The Binibining Pilipinas Charities announced yesterday, that the winner of Bb.Pilipinas 2008, Janina San Miguel, resigned as the country's official representative Miss World 2008 pageant to be held in South Africa in December. The official reason given was the recent death of her grandfather.
17 year-old Janina San Miguel won the title of Bb.Pilipinas earlier this year despite her controversial interview performance on the final night. According to the rules, her 1st Runner Up, Danielle Castaño, will now take over and probably assume the title of Miss Philippines 2008.
Photo1: Bb.Pilipinas 2008 winners, from L-R Patricia Fernandez(Bb.Pilipinas International), Janina San Miguel(Bb.Pilipinas World) and Jennifer Barrientos(Bb.Pilipinas Universe)
Photo2: Danielle Castaño, 1st Runner Up and now the new Bb.Pilipinas(World) 2008

Third time Miss Switzerland: day-after photos !

29. září 2008 v 16:48 | Martina A.
Thanks to Michael Knittel and PaulPal !

Updated report: Miss Switzerland 2008

28. září 2008 v 7:43 | Martina A. |  National pageants
On September 27th, new Swiss beauty queens were crowned in Lugano, in the Italian part of the country.
The winner of Miss Switzerland 2008 is only 18 year-old Whitney Toyloy. Whitney studies at a grammar-school student and has travelled a lot already. 1st Runner Up to Whitney is Rekha Datta. This 20 year-old bank consultant is of an Indian origin and loves music of Frank Sinatra and Eric Clapton. 2nd Runner Up title went to Lisa Panigada, 21, who owns a cosmetic salon and is an experienced horse-rider. Among the Top 6 were Alessia Novak, Dominique Knill and Emilie Lindblom.
Miss Switzerland is among the best organised and best produced national pageants in the world. Their spectacular shows and high quality of contestants draw much attention of fans to this European pageant every year. And not only in homeland Switzerland but all over the globe, as well.

This year, 16 contestants competed in the national final. You can see their official headshots here. Many of them are of a foreign origin, including the winner, who´s father is American. It is also interesting to note that among the girls has been Céline Roschek, Miss Austria 2002, who, however, did not make the first cut.

The show started with an introduction video-clips of the contestants. After the swimsuit and evening gown competitions, 6 semifinalist and then 3 finalists were chosen by both the judges and the public.
After a short interview, 2nd RU, 1st RU and the winner were announced, based on the audience voting only. The winner, Whitney Toyloy, will represent Switzerland at Miss Universe 2009 and possibly also at Miss World 2008. Last year´s winner was Amanda Ammann. Christina Rigozzi, former Miss Switzerland, and Matteo Pelli were hosts during the final night.
Source: Miss Switzerland Official website,,
The opening numberSwimsuit competition
Six finalistsThree winners, from L to R: 1st RU, 2nd RU, winner
The Top 3 againThe moment of truth

Breaking news: MISS SWITZERLAND 2008 is Whitney Toyloy !

27. září 2008 v 22:20 | Martina A. |  National pageants
Only a few minutes ago, the new Miss Switzerland was crowned in a spectacular event held in Lugano in the Italian part of the country.
Full results as follows:
MISS SWITZERLAND 2008: Whitney Toyloy - will represent Switzerland at MU and MW 2009
1ST RUNNER UP: Rekha Datta
2ND RUNNER UP: Lisa Panigada
TOP 6:
Alessia Novak
Dominique Knill
Emilie Lindblom
More pictures and info comming soon !!!

Down the memory lane with the queens of the Philippines ! (UPDATED: January 6th 2009)

27. září 2008 v 17:30 | Martina A. |  What did not fit any category but is worth reading !
Eight times this Pacific-Ocean country could celebrate victory in a Grand-Slam pageant...
The first Miss Philippines ever to be called among the most beautiful woman in the world was Gemna Cruz, Miss International 1964.

A small step for the universe but a big one for Gloria Diaz, who became Miss Universe in 1969. Just a few days before a man first walked on the moon.

The Philippines already had two Grand-Slam winners, yet, their success was not comming to an end, at all. Aurora Pijuan became Miss International 1970.

In 1973 elegance and grace won over anything else and Philippines celebrated their second Miss Universe - Margarita Moran.

Mimilanie Marquez is often called the most beautiful Miss International of all times. She won the title in 1979.

Third Miss International from the Philippines is Precious Lara Quigaman from 2005.

The first Miss Tourism Queen Int. of the Philippines was Justine Gabionza, in 2006.

So far the last Grand-Slam winner comming from this Asian country is Karla Henry, Miss Earth 2008.

Source: Getty Images, Veestarz, Pageantopolis, OPMB

Rumours, rumours, rumours !

24. září 2008 v 21:33 | Martina A.
The pageant world loves rumours. They offer enough place for discussions, conspiration theories, speculations and surprises. Especially, when it comes to the question of where big beauty events are going to be held.
Another such rumour appeared this week, when the Croatian Prime Minister, Jadranka Kosor, met Miss Universe Organization President Paula Shugart to talk about the possible organization of Miss Universe 2009 in Croatia. The final decision of where the pageant is staged, will be made around November and at the same time, the official announcement should be published by both MUO and Croatian goverment. The country´s authorities expressed optimism about their chances and also said, that hosting such an event would encourage Croatian tourism and also give support to shelters for women, who have been victims of violence around the country.
It would be nice to see Miss Universe being crowned in Europe after nearly a decade, wouldn´t it ?
Source: Global Beauties, TPortal, and Vecernji

Vietnam out of Miss World 2008 ???

24. září 2008 v 8:29 | Martina A. |  Miss World

Miss Vietnam World 2008, Trần Thị Thùy Dung, faces dethronement because she has not completed her high-school studies. According to the rules of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, all contestants taking part in national beauty pageants, have to graduate from high-school. However, the organizers of the Miss Vietnam 2008 pageant announced, that only being a high-school student is enough for a girl to compete.
But - in case Miss Ding is really stripped of her title, none of her runner-ups would take over and represent Vietnam at Miss World 2008 instead. The VietnamNetBridge Newspaper mentions other alternatives from other Vietnamese pageants but MWO could find it difficult to accept such a delegate. Therefore, Vietnam may very well be out of Miss World for 2008.
In 2010, this Asian country will host the Miss World pageant for the first time in history, while next year, the venue is rumoured to be in Prague, Czech Republic.
Source: Global Beauties, VietnamNet Bridge and Thanh Nien Daily

Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2008 results

22. září 2008 v 12:43 | Martina A. |  National pageants
Last Saturday, new Mexican beauty queens were chosen...

Miss Mauritius 2008 crowned

22. září 2008 v 12:31 | Martina A. |  National pageants
The paradise island of Mauritius has recently selected its queens for 2008.
The winner is 22-year old Anais Veerapatren, who will now get ready to represent her nation at Miss Universe and Miss World 2009.
Laura Grenouille placed second, Rachel Lacharmante was 3rd.
12 contestants attended the final.
Source: Le Mauricien

Crown on spotlight: MISS EARTH 2008

21. září 2008 v 11:52 | Martina A. |  MISS EARTH 2008 coverage
This young contest took the pageant world by storm in 2001 and fastly became a Grand-Slam event. With its colourful spectacles that are their final nights, the many countries taking part and the focus on natural beauty, Miss Earth is deservingly among the most followed beauty pageants of the year...

Growing more beautiful each day...

19. září 2008 v 12:00 | Martina A. |  Miss World
Priyanka Chopra, 26, Miss World 2000 and a Bollywood actress recently attended the India Couture Week...
Source: The Pageant Café

Being a beauty queen with: Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008

18. září 2008 v 19:00 | Martina A. |  Miss Universe
A Miss Universe is someone, who´s beauty is clear enough to be understandable to anyone willing to listen, no matter where they are comming from. But to me, a Miss Universe is also a person, who´s looks make me speechlessly stare at the screen and who´s personality smashes me under the table laughing...

Blast from the past: Venezuela´s first double

17. září 2008 v 21:26 | Martina A. |  What did not fit any category but is worth reading !
From time to time, be it a power-house or not, two possible winners meet in one pageant. The judges then find themselves helpless and unable to decide, who is more worthy of the crown. Fortunately, there are international pageants, which give both beauties another chance to win another crown. And so, the following year, a national pageant may witness a rare phenomenon - two of the most beautiful women in the world on one their very own stage...
For the first time a double victory occured in 1953, when both MW and MU winners came from France. In 1972 the world and the universe saw it again with two stunning Misses Australia. India did it in 1994 and Venezuela back in 1995/1996(note: Jacqueline Aguilera was 1st RU to Alicia Machado). But the latter wins this category, hands down, because at the 1980 Miss Venezuela pageant the future Miss World Pilin Leon was 1st Runner Up to future Miss Universe Irene Saez...
Source: Veestarz, Miss Venezuela La Nueva Era MB, Reinas De Venezuela MB

Harshita Saxena, India´s fallen star

16. září 2008 v 7:44 | Martina A. |  What did not fit any category but is worth reading !
We all remember the golden era of Indian beauties that were the 90´s. India was simply a power. From Sushmita to Diana, from Manpreet to Priyanka, from Aishwarya to Yukta. Even Latin delagates could very well be afraid of that country´s force because not even their excellent preparation was enough to beat India. Because at moments, when it mattered the most, a Miss India appeared onstage, in a spectacular and glittering, yet unique and modern evening gown and smashed the stage. Minutes later, a Miss India opened her mouth and the world was hers.
But...the new Millenium slowly concludes and, even though successful, India didn´t manage to keep the right direction and take any of the big titles, so far. Nevertheless, it is interesting to note that two recent Miss Earth 1st Runner Ups came from there. And this year, I finally saw a girl, who could not only win that crown, hands down, but who would also make a great Miss Universe or Miss World for India. After eight long years or waiting. Unfortunately, Harshita Saxena was forced to resign and give up her Miss Earth-dream. But - who knows. Maybe it´s indeed a bigger honour waiting for her next year...

Source: Miss India Tea Room MB

Chilean charm: Miss Earth 2006 Hil Hernandez

15. září 2008 v 8:05 | Martina A. |  Miss Earth
Born in 1984, Hil Hernandez is the second Grand-Slam titleholder Chile ever had. Besides Miss Earth, Hil represented Chile at Miss Model Of The World(was a semifinalist) and Reina Hispanoamericana 2004(unplaced). In 2003 she was a finalist at Miss World Chile and a year later the same Hil Hernandez came second to Miss Earth Chile. The last title mentioned she managed to win in 2006 and the rest is...history...
Source: Wikipedia, Mabuhay Beauties, OPMB

Miss Italia 2008

14. září 2008 v 12:21 | Martina A. |  National pageants
Yesterday, the traditional Italian pageant selected its new titleholder in Salsomaggiore, on the north of the country. She is 23-year old Miriam Leone.
Unfortunately, Miss Italia presentlly doesn´t own any franchises to international pageants.
Source: Michael Knittel

Miss Polonia 2008

14. září 2008 v 12:21 | Martina A. |  National pageants
The city of Łodź witnessed yesterday a great ceremony concluded by crowning of the new Polish beauty queens.
Miss Polonia 2008 is Angelika Jakubowska who will wear the Polish sash at Miss Universe 2009 and Miss Earth 2008.
1st Runner Up is Ewa Chelmiska and 3rd place was awarded to Paulina Kwasniewska.
Angelika was crowned by last year´s winner Barbara Tatara.
Source: Michael Knittel &

Crown on spotlight: MISS INTERNATIONAL 2008

13. září 2008 v 17:51 | Martina A. |  MISS INTERNATIONAL 2008 coverage
Miss International used to be the 3rd biggest global beauty event in the world. Nowadays, it is considered fourth, behind Miss Earth. But no matter how deep in traditions it is stuck, Miss International never fails to make a surprising semifinal choice and crown a stunning winner...