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The best sites on beauty pageants on internet

17. srpna 2008 v 17:34 | Martina A. |  Links
Listed below are some of the most popular pageant websites, where you can find pageant news or go down the memory lane !

BeaulandSome worth-seeing pageant photo galleries.
Belleza VenezolanaAll you need to know about Venezuelan beauty queens.
The best place to study the history of beauty is now back !
El AnecdotarioUnseen photos and articles on beauty queens !
Global BeautiesFor over ten years, GB has been covering beauty events all over the globe.
Jimmy´s Pageant PageOne of the best and most traditional websites, with lots of pageant archives. Unfortunately closing now.
Misses do BrazilAll information and pictures on Brazilian beauties.
MissosologyAnother popular pageant magazine.
Pageant AlamacPageant calendar and statistics of several important inter/national pageants
PageantopolisOne of the best sites to go down the memory line !
Turn For The JudgesArticles, news and analyses of past&future beauty pageants.
VeestarzPageant news but mainly lots and lots of historical photos can be found at this link.

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