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Swiss beauty: Laurianne Gillieron

28. srpna 2008 v 14:15 | Martina A. |  What did not fit any category but is worth reading !
Once, there was a time, when European Misses were taking one international crown after another, leaving many Latin countries far behind. Now, the times have changed and European delegates come to Miss Universe still less and less prepared and less and less willing to win. They often look lost onstage, unable to stop Latin stunners on their way to the crown. Then, they come home and complain about how hard the pageant was, forgetting completely, that the pageant is in no way a month-long holiday on a beach. And so, it´s no suprise that Europe last won the Miss Universe title almost twenty years ago(or six, if you wish to count Oxana Fedorova in 2002)...
Although, exceptions may be found. We all remember Ieva Kokorevica of Latvia, Kateřina Smržová of Czech Republic, Zana Krasniqi of Kosovo, Tarja Smura of Finland or Helen Lindes and Diana Nogueria of Spain. Finland´s Lola Odusoga is already a legend, just like Russia´s Yulia Lemigova and Oxana Fedorova, Miss Grece Evelina Papatoniou, Italy´s Denny Mendez, Silvia Lakatošová of Slovakia and to a certain extend also Miss Universe 1990 Mona Grudt from Norway. All these and many others kept the European flag still high on the sky of the pageant world.
One of them is definitely Laurianne Gillieron, Miss Switzerland and 2nd Runner Up to Miss Universe 2006.
Laurianne was born in 1984 in Lausanne, Switzerland but grew up in Prilly.
She has a Law degree and is also a talented dancer - she even placed second in the Swiss Latin Dance Championships in 2002 and 2003.
In 2005 Laurianne became Miss Switzerland, as the first woman from the French-speaking part of the country in 11 years to do so. Later that year, she represented Switzerland at Miss World in China but to the surprise of many did not even make the first cut. Months later she was sent to Miss Universe held in Los Angeles, USA, already as a huge favourite, and placed 3rd.

Source:, Getty Images, Global Beauties

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1 perlas perlas | Web | 28. srpna 2008 v 21:04 | Reagovat

I like her :)

but I have to admit, I was really surprised to see her as 2nd runner-up in Miss Universe, after non-placing in Miss World...

2 Martina A. Martina A. | Web | 28. srpna 2008 v 21:21 | Reagovat

Well, after Mpule Kwelagobe and her non-placing at MW 1997, nothing can surprise me :-D

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