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Nigerian pride: AGBANI DAREGO, Miss World 2001

31. srpna 2008 v 7:30 | Martina A. |  Miss World
Ibiagbanidokibubo Asenite Darego was born in 1982, in Abonnema, Rivers State, Nigeria. With her unusually slim and tall figure for a Nigerian woman, she dreamt of becomming a model. Unfortunately, her father didn´t approve it and so she went on to study computer science at a university. She postponed her studies, however, and started modelling and entering pageants instead. In "The Face of Africa" modeling contest, she placed as a runner-up and in January 2001 won the "Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria" title. Her crown enabled her to represent her nation at Miss Universe in Puerto Rico, where she finished among the 10 semifinalists and later also at Miss World in Sun City, South Africa, which she won - as the first black African woman to ever do so. Agbani´s achievment meant therefore even more to her country. Huge celebrations started immediately after her win.
During her reign, Agbani became a patron of a breast-cancer awareness program and dedicated her crown to her mother, who died of a breast cancer when Agbani was a child. She also devoted time to an anti-malaria campaign.
Unfortunately, the end of her reign was remarked by a controversy. The 2002 Miss World pageant was to be held in Nigeria in Agbani´s honour but at that time, another young woman from Nigeria, Amina Lawal, had been sentenced to death by stoning. Women's-rights groups started immediately attacking the pageant for being held in a country where women rights are not kept. This led to unsensitive comments in the newspapers and caused protests of muslims living in Nigeria. The pageant was then for safety reasons moved to London but several contestants withdrew. The new titleholder was Turkey´s Azra Akin.
After she gave up her crown, Agbani Darego signed up a contract with L'Oreal. She continues modelling but plans to become a successful businesswoman.
Source: Getty Images, Belezas Brasileiras MB,

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1 perlas perlas | Web | 31. srpna 2008 v 12:19 | Reagovat

beautiful and so breakable...

real Queen :)

I like her

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