The new Miss USA is Rima Fakih of Michigan !

Miss Universe Slovakia pageant (UPDATED on March 15th 2010)

18. srpna 2008 v 18:00 | Martina A. |  Slovakian pageants

From L-R: 1st RU, winner, 2nd RU
MISS UNIVERSE SLOVAKIA 2010: Anna Amenová - off to Miss Universe 2010
1ST RUNNER UP: Timea Szaboová - off to Miss Earth 2010
2ND RUNNER UP: Hana Kiková - off to Miss Intercontinental 2010

From L-R: 1st RU, winner, 2nd RU
MISS UNIVERSE SLOVAKIA 2009: Denisa Mendrejová - Miss Universe 2009 contestant
1ST RUNNER UP: Lea Šindlerová - Miss Earth & Miss Intercontinental 2009 contestant
2ND RUNNER UP: Marcela Ševčíková

From L-R: 2nd RU, winner, 1st RU
MISS UNIVERSE SLOVAKIA 2008: Sandra Manáková (MUniverse 2008 contestant)
1ST RUNNER UP: Martina Tóthová (MEarth 2008 contestant)
2ND RUNNER UP: Lenka Hindická (MIntercontinental 2008 contestant)
MISS UNIVERSE SLOVAKIA 2007: Lucia Seniášová (MUniverse 2007 contestant)
1ST RUNNER UP: Barbora Palovičová (MEarth 2007 contestant)
2ND RUNNER UP: Iveta Riečanová(MIntercontinental 2007 contestant)
MISS UNIVERSE SLOVAKIA 2006: Judita Hrubyová (MUniverse 2006 contestant & MEarth 2006 finalist)
1ST RUNNER UP: Katarína Manová (Miss Intercontinental 2006 winner)
2ND RUNNER UP: Lucia Gašparíková

From L-R: 1st RU, winner, 2nd RU

MISS UNIVERSE SLOVAKIA 2004: Zita Galgóciová
1ST RUNNER UP: Zuzana Dvorská (MUniverse 2004 contestant)
2ND RUNNER UP: Marina Gunisová
MISS UNIVERSE SLOVAKIA 2003: Petra Mokrošová (MUniverse 2003 contestant)
1ST RUNNER UP: Michaela Knapcová
2ND RUNNER UP: Viktória Gajdošová
MISS UNIVERSE SLOVAKIA 2002: Eva Džodlová (MUniverse 2002 contestant)
1ST RUNNER UP: Magdaléna Šebestová (Miss SR 2006 winner & MWorld 2006 contestant)
2ND RUNNER UP: Anna Mitrová
MISS UNIVERSE SLOVAKIA 2001: Zuzana Baštúrová (MUniverse 2001 contestant)
1ST RUNNER UP: Nikol Gernerová
2ND RUNNER UP: Jana Havlovičová
MISS UNIVERSE SLOVAKIA 2000: Miroslava Kysucká (MUniverse 2000 contestant)
1ST RUNNER UP: Andrea Chabroňová
2ND RUNNER UP: Katarína Subyová
MISS UNIVERSE SLOVAKIA 1999: Aneta Kuklová (MUniverse 1999 contestant)
1ST RUNNER UP: Zuzana Sršňová
2ND RUNNER UP: Alena Manová

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