The new Miss USA is Rima Fakih of Michigan !

Maju Mantilla: Miss World of the hearts

27. srpna 2008 v 17:10 | Martina A. |  Miss World
Since she took over the MWO, Julia Morley has been trying to modernize the pageant. She introduced the continental system and also the so often discussed public vote. In 2004, for the first time in history, the winners of Miss World were chosen by viewers all over the globe...
Maria Julia Mantilla was born in Trujillo, Peru, in 1984. In summer 2004 she became Miss Peru World and later that year won the Miss World crown, being the second Peruvian woman to do so.
Maria is also her country´s champion in Triathlon and Penthathlon and a professional Marinera dancer. She is a successful model and TV personality. At the time of the pageant she studied to become a teacher and wanted to start a carrier in tourism to promote her country.
It is interesting to note, that her aunt Maria Julia Mantilla Mayer was Miss Peru in 1969.
Source: Wikipedia, Beauland

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1 perlas perlas | Web | 27. srpna 2008 v 19:52 | Reagovat

I love her !!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Martina A. Martina A. | Web | 27. srpna 2008 v 20:09 | Reagovat

She is a stunner !

But I really didn´t like her during the pageant. To me, she was Miss World anytime before and anytime after MW but not during. It may have been her hair and make-up and the gown but something just didn´t fit, imo.

3 perlas perlas | Web | 27. srpna 2008 v 20:15 | Reagovat

yes, I totally agree...

my fav was Nancy Randal from USA. Finally she finished as 2 runner-up.

I read that she wanted to go to some american pageant to become Miss ***  USA ( I dont know what state it was). Dont you know what happened?

4 Martina A. Martina A. | Web | 27. srpna 2008 v 20:23 | Reagovat

Yes ! I hoped for Nancy or Miss DR, too ! I remember being SO disappointed when Peru won, because she just looked so plain in comparing to both her runner-ups...but I learned to love Maju, she really is so royal.

5 Martina A. Martina A. | Web | 27. srpna 2008 v 20:25 | Reagovat

Yes, Nancy Randal is a pageant veteran. She competed in Miss Brazil some years ago, than won US Miss World pageant and went to Miss World, where she finished 3rd. Later, I think in 2006, she competed at Miss Louisiana USA  but placed only as 1st Runner Up.

6 perlas perlas | Web | 27. srpna 2008 v 20:38 | Reagovat

what a pity for 1st runner-up Miss Louisiana :-/

Christina Cuenca is also quite pretty, but not so much :-(((((

I also liked Katarzyna from Poland during Miss World. When I saw with Unnur to manage Miss World 2006, she was much better than in competition. Her hair was strange during MW :)))

But generally I like her :)

it was really good year.

Our beauty also in SF, slovak beauty 21st :))) good year :)

7 Martina A. Martina A. | Web | 27. srpna 2008 v 20:47 | Reagovat

Christina was everyone´s favourite but I just never got her, Nancy is MUCH better, I agree.

Poland was GREAT ! Unnur...well, a return to the 80´s imo but she HAD certain qualities. :-)

Slovakia 21st ? What a could have been a Czech&Slovakian semifinal success. :-)

8 perlas perlas | Web | 27. srpna 2008 v 20:55 | Reagovat

Dont you like Unnur? haha :DDDD it is one of the best Miss ever, for me :)) I simply like her, she is so sweet :)))

9 Martina A. Martina A. | Web | 27. srpna 2008 v 21:03 | Reagovat

Well...she was rightfully a favourite and rightfully advanced into the semifinals, without a single doubt. But with her outdated gown and hairdo, she for me shouldn´t have won, let alone be among the Top 3. Especially, when stunners like PR or Mexico were left behind. But that´s just my opinion, if you like her so much then she probably has what it takes :-)

10 perlas perlas | Web | 27. srpna 2008 v 21:20 | Reagovat

I think 2005 was very good year :) I also really like Dafne Molina. She and Elisa Najera are two most stunning Miss Mexiko for me :) but I dont like Dafne's look during final, especially hairdress.

I also admire Sofia Bruscoli, Miss Italy. I dedicated her one of the section in my blog :))) I prefer her than Ingrid Rivera, but she is also OK. I was really surprised that she didnt make cut in Miss Universe :-/

11 Martina A. Martina A. | Web | 27. srpna 2008 v 21:24 | Reagovat

I LOVED Sofia ! But the one I really wanted to win was Miss Canada. What a beauty. But...the stupid continental system let Korea advance instead...

12 perlas perlas | Web | 27. srpna 2008 v 21:36 | Reagovat

yes, Korea was so ordinary... :-O but not so bad like Miss Malta in last years :)))))

I prefer India in Asia Pacific Group or Philippines, but better India. I think the best Indian beauty after Priyanka Chopra...

Last year's one wasnt good.

The one who I really dont like was Miss Venezuela. I really dont understand how she could be choosen. I compare her with Dayana or Monica Spear and it is much worse :-/

I was pleased to see Leonora Jimenez, Miss Costa Rica, as new Miss Asia Pacific International. She isnt girl for so big pageant like MW, but MAPI served her :)

13 perlas perlas | Web | 27. srpna 2008 v 21:38 | Reagovat

Canada was special beauty :) I loved her hair :)))

14 Martina A. Martina A. | Web | 27. srpna 2008 v 21:41 | Reagovat

Misses Malta are...well, in a league of their own :-D but they fortunately don´t advance into MW finals, like Miss Korea did.:-)

I know how Susan Carrizo got chosen but I will never get, how she managed to screw herself up so much in such a short time. She really wasn´t all that at MW.

Miss Costa Rica sure was beautiful. I think she even gave up her Asia Pacific crown to compete at MW...

15 perlas perlas | Web | 27. srpna 2008 v 21:54 | Reagovat

Separate chapters are beauties from Jamaica :) The last three were beautiful and each of them make SF, in 2006 even finale. I like last year's one. She was beautiful :))

but I dont think it will be SF this year. Delegates is not so expressive and too ordinary.

And Puerto Rico is the same case.

16 Martina A. Martina A. | Web | 28. srpna 2008 v 9:45 | Reagovat

Oooh, I so much loved all the Jamaican reps in recent years(except the one in 2006) ! They do really well at MW, it´s a pitty they don´t send such stunners to MU, as well.

This year´s PR World indeed IS a little ordinary, in comparing with whom they usually send but...if such a girl were representing for example Sweden or Slovakia, I think people would go crazy for her, so I think she may pull a surprise, actually. :-)

17 perlas perlas | Web | 28. srpna 2008 v 9:52 | Reagovat

but I think Slovakia has very strong delegate this year, better than PR in my opinion. I hope she will make cut :)

18 Martina A. Martina A. | Web | 28. srpna 2008 v 9:58 | Reagovat

I agree, she is a contender. Hopefully, she will come well prepared to South Africa.

19 Web Miss Web Miss | Web | 18. října 2008 v 16:19 | Reagovat

I Love her!!!!Maju is super!

20 Martina A. Martina A. | Web | 18. října 2008 v 18:55 | Reagovat

One thing that is really special about her, imo, is her genuine sophistication, dignity and elegance. That´s really what a MW should be like and what won her the crown. :-)

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