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INGRID RIVERA: When the pageant world gets a bit cruel

26. srpna 2008 v 21:21 | Martina A. |  What did not fit any category but is worth reading !
The Ruth Ocumarez Award is named after Miss Dominican Republic 2002, who was a clear favourite to win that year´s Miss Universe crown. To everyone´s surprise, she failed to make even the first cut. Since then, this incredible Dominican beauty is remembered every year, after the conclusion of Miss Universe - The Ruth Ocumarez Award is given to a contestant, a favourite, that is as well mysteriously left out in the dark...
This year´s winner is Ingrid Rivera, Miss Puerto Rico 2008. Ingrid was a heavy favourite already at the 2005 Miss World pageant, where she eventually placed 3rd. Therefore, her participation at Miss PR Universe 2008 final came as a sensation to the pageant world. Unfortunately, her win was surrounded by a scandal with pepper spray, which was reportedly put in her make-up and wardrobe to make her withdrew from the pageant. Lateron, already as the new Puerto Rican queen, Ingrid was photographed with Donald Trump, the owner of Miss Universe org., which made even more headlines.
Despite all the rumours, Ingrid became a huge favourite for the 2008 Miss Universe crown. She appeared to be one of the most photographed contestants of the whole pageant, I dare to say she was among the most controversial MU contestants in recent years. Half of the world being confident about her winning, the other half saying, she didn´t stand a chance this time. At the end, it may have been too much pressure for Ingrid to handle and she failed to make the semifinals...
And so, this time, I want to leave all the discussions and rumours aside and celebrate what Ingrid Rivera became famous for at the very beginning - her stunning beauty. Enjoy !


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1 Beauty Confessional Beauty Confessional | E-mail | Web | 26. srpna 2008 v 22:14 | Reagovat

Ingrid should have placed, what a travesty!!

2 Martina A. Martina A. | Web | 26. srpna 2008 v 22:20 | Reagovat

Definitely...but honestly, I strongly disliked her looks at times, she tends to wear way too much make-up.

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