The new Miss USA is Rima Fakih of Michigan !

If only she was there: RAMONA AMIRI

28. srpna 2008 v 19:56 | Martina A. |  Miss World
Ramona Amiri was born in 1980 in Montreal, Canada to a Persian mother and an Assyrian father. She speaks five languages and has a science degree from the University of British Columbia. Already during her studies, she began a volunteer work as a preparation for her future medical carrier. She is also a passionate belly dancer.
Besides all that, she has become a successful model and her beauty led her as far as the Miss Canada World competition, which she won. Later that year, Ramona represented her country at the 2005 Miss World pageant and finished among the semifinalists. She also tried her luck at the Miss Universe Canada pageant but placed "only" as 1st Runner Up.
After her win at Miss Canada World, Ramona Amiri has been travelling all across the country raising money for various causes. Her motto in life is: Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, dance like no one's watching...
A true "Beauty with a Purpose", isn´t she...
Source: Wikipedia,,,, Miss Canada World

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1 perlas perlas | Web | 28. srpna 2008 v 21:01 | Reagovat

beautiful :)

really shame for her 2nd place in Miss Universe Canada. What year was it?

but generally, girls from America have interesting habit- going to rival pageants :D

I supposed in our country wont be succesful :)

2 Martina A. Martina A. | Web | 28. srpna 2008 v 21:19 | Reagovat

I think it was 2006, the winner back then was Inga Skaya. I still don´t get it what she had over Ramona.

Yes, they love to cross-over :-D and I like it, actually but you are right that in our country it wouldn´t be so easy :-D

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