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Czech&Slovakian misses, who became famous (UPDATED 9/26 2009)

16. srpna 2008 v 19:40 | Martina A. |  Hall of Fame
Winning a crown doesn´t assure anyone a timeless fame. But there have been women, who´s beauty led them far behind their crowns...
Alžběta Štrkulová - Miss Czechoslovakia 1967
A successful actress, whose beauty inspired M.Zapletal to launch Miss Czechoslovakia in 1989, represented our country at Miss World in London and finished 6th.
Ivana Christová - Miss Czechoslovakia 1989
Born on August 7th 1970 in Prešov, Slovakia, Ivana was the first Miss Czechoslovakia of the annual contest launched by Miloslav Zapletal. She represented our country in Miss Maja International and won. After that she started modelling in the USA. She also is a successful singer. Ivana is divorced and has a daughter Daniela.
Michaela Maláčová - Miss Czechoslovakia 1991
Michaela was born on May 23rd 1971 in Brno, Czech Republic. She studied FAMU(Film and TV University) in Prague. After her win at Miss Czechoslovakia she travelled round the globe as a successful model. For three years she worked as a spokesperson for a Czech political party and was also involved in organizing the Karlovy Vary film festival. After that, she founded the "Česká Miss" pageant, which sends its winners to Miss Universe and other international pageants. She is married with two children.
Pavlína Baburková - Miss Czechoslovakia 1992
Born in 1973, Pavlína is the last Miss Czechoslovakia crowned. She represented us at Miss Europe, where she finished 2nd and a year later she became a semifinalist at Miss Universe(already as Miss Czech Republic). After her reign, she founded a modelling agency and herself has been a successful model. She is married and has 5 children.
Silvia Lakatošová - Miss Czech&Slovak Republic 1993
Silvia was the clear winner of the otherwise controversial final, held together for both countries for the last time on April 3rd 1993. She represented Slovakia at Miss Universe 1994 in Manila, Philippines and finished 4th, which is the best Slovakian placement in this pageant to date. Soon after her reign, she concluded her successful modelling carrier and founded the Miss Universe Slovakia pageant. She studied the University of Management.
Monika Žídková - Miss Czech Republic 1995
Monika is among the most successful and popular Czech beauty queens ever. She won the Miss Europe 1995 pageant in Istanbul, Turkey. She is now married, has a daughter and still lives in Kravaře, Moravia, where she originally comes from.
Petra Minářová - Miss Czech Republic 1996
One of our most remarkable models almost reached the Miss Universe semifinals by placing 14th.
Iva Kubelková - Miss Czech Republic 1996 1st Runner Up
Iva is among the most famous Czech models and beauty queens. She was born in May 7th 1977 in Písek. Her modelling carrier started when she was only 16. Besides being a very succesful model, Iva is also an actress. She has a daughter and currently works as a TV host.
Alena Šeredová - Miss Czech Republic 1998 1st Runner Up
A big favourite to win Miss Czech Republic in 1998 was born on March 21st 1978 in Prague. Already before taking part in the pageant, Alena was a successful model. Her carrier continued also after placing 4th at Miss World 1998. Lateron, she moved to Italy, where she became famous as a TV presenter and actress. She lives with an Italian football player and their son in Italy.
Helena Houdová - Miss Czech Republic 1999
Helena was a favourite at Miss World 1999 but didn´t place, though. However, she is a very successful model and her charity work made her famous already during the Miss Czech Republic pageant. In 2000 she founded the Sunflower foundation and travels a lot to help people all over the globe. She is married and expects a baby in August. A true beauty with a purpose, isn´t she.
Jitka Kocurová - Miss Czech Republic 1999 2nd Runner Up
One of the favourites to win the 1999 crown was born on January 27th 1979. She represented our country at Miss Europe 1999, where she finished 5th and at Miss Universe 2000, where she came 11th. Her great modelling carrier started already before she entered pageants but nowadays she is a TV host and an actress.
Michaela Salačová - Miss Czech Republic 2000
A favourite at Miss World 2000 was only seventeen when she won her title. But beautiful Michaela didn´t stay in modelling for too long - nowadays she is a known DJ.
Kateřina Smržová - Miss Czech Republic 2001 1st Runner Up
A successful model even before she entered Miss Czech Republic. In 2003 she represented us in Panama at Miss Universe and placed in Top 10.
Lucie Váchová - Miss Czech Republic 2003
After her win and Miss Universe and Miss World participation, she worked for a Czech TV as a weather broadcast presenter. Nowadays, she is a model and an university student. She also works with orphans.
Taťána Kuchařová - Miss Czech Republic 2006
Taťána became our most successful beauty queen ever, when she was crowned Miss World 2006 in Warsaw, Poland. She grew up in Opočno, Moravia but has some Slovakian roots, as well. After her reign, she continues charity work and modelling. Together with model Petra Němcová, Taťána also recently taped a short film promoting our country.
Petra Soukupová - Czech Miss 2006 finalist
Petra went to Miss Earth 2006 and made it as far as the Top 8.

Eliška Bučková - Czech Miss 2008
Eliška is said to be the most beautiful Czech Miss crowned to date. Her remarkable appearence, elegance and sophistication made her a favourite at the Miss Universe 2008 pageant, where she eventually finished among the 15 semifinalists.
Iveta Lutovská - Czech Miss 2009
Already an experienced beauty queen, Iveta was the clear winner of the 2009 Czech Miss pageant and quickly found a way to the hearts of many pageant fans all over the world. Eventually, she became one of the ten finalists during Miss Universe 2009 contest.

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