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Crown on spotlight: MISS WORLD 2008

22. srpna 2008 v 16:50 | Martina A. |  MISS WORLD 2008 coverage
The venue of the 2008 Miss World pageant has not yet been officially announced, although almost all delegates have already been selected. Therefore, it is time for pre-pageant predictions. The favourites so far seem to be the following:
Alizee Poulicek, Miss Belgium 2008 with Czech roots, whom we already know from Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam. Already back then she was considered as a frontrunner but unfortunately didn´t make the cut. Will she have a better luck at Miss World ?
Another experienced beauty is Tamara Almeida, this year´s Miss Brazil World. Also Tamara is already known to the pageant world - as second runner-up to Miss TQI 2007(represented the Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha). After two attempts she finally got the chance to run for the blue crown.
Zuzana Jandová, Miss Czech Republic 2008, will surely do her best to make us proud again. A dark-horse.
Although Marjorie Cevallos did not win Miss Ecuador, her chances at the up-comming international pageant are by many considered as high. Good luck !
Parvathy Omanakuttan, Miss India, definitely is a beauty to watch for. With her speaking-skills and pretty face she may easily make the cut. After all, her country won Miss World for five times.
When the final outcome of last year´s Miss Mexico was announced, the whole country was overwhelmed by joy. They knew they just may have crowned two future Grand Slam winners. Will Anagabriela Espinoza grow to the expectations ?
Ksenia Sukhinova, Miss Russia 2008, could have been a frontrunner at Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam but she never arrived there. Now, she has another chance and her fans really have every right to cheer for her !
Tansey Coetzee is said to be the best Miss South Africa in years. And if the pageant is really held in Sun City, SA, as rumours say, Tansey couldn´t ask for a better support..
Only 18 year-old Patricia Rodriguez is by many seen as the next Miss World. Does Miss Spain really have what it takes ? We will see.
Gabrielle Walcott of Trinidad&Tobago is another Carribean beauty with strong chances to place among the semifinalists !
This year´s Miss Turkey was stuffed by beauties. One of them is Leyla Tugutlu, Miss Turkey 2008.
After seeing photos of Miss Universe Ukraine final night, fans all over the globe fell in love with beautiful Irina Zhuravskaya. Months later, she became Miss Ukraine World and won herself the right fight for some bigger crown...
Venezuela returned with a Miss Universe win in 2008 but will they be able to repeat it again at Miss World ? Ask Hannelys Quintero, this year´s Miss Mundo Venezuela.

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