The new Miss USA is Rima Fakih of Michigan !


18. srpna 2008 v 12:52 |  Czechoslovakian beauty queens before 1989
The first known Czech beauty queen was Růžena Brožová in 1910. Another pageant was held in 1928 and was won by Marie Kopecká from Prague.
Under the communistic rule, it was barely possible to held beauty pageants. Therefore, first such events appeared as late as in the 60´s but vanished again for a long time - untill 1989.
MISS 1966 was held in Prague and the winner was Dagmar Silvínová - the home-girl. Dagmar was a student of a language school at that time. She was also chosen for Expo 1967 in Montreal. In 1970 she married a Swiss student and lives in Switzerland nowadays.
MISS 1967 was held in Ostrava and the winner was Alžběta Štrkulová - a science student from Košice, Slovakia. After her win she went to Miss Europe in Kinshasa, Zaire and Miss World in London, where she finished 6th. After her reign, she became a successful actress. It was her beauty that about twenty years later inspired Miloslav Zapletal to launch his pageant...
Jarmila Teplanová, an industry student, was crowned MISS 1968 in Bratislava, Slovakia. She represented our country in Miss Europe 1969 in Marocco.
MISS 1969 pageant was held in Karlovy Vary, for the very first time in front of the cameras. The winner was a Slovakian actress Kristina Hanzalová. At Miss Universe 1970 she placed among the semifinalists. In Miss World 1969 we were represented by Marcela Bitnarová, who became a semifinalist, as well.
The last beauty pageant till 1989 was held in Karlovy Vary. MISS 1970 crown was won by Miroslava Jančíková, a medicine student from Brno.
Source: Tajemství deseti královen, Jiří Renč

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